Scoopit representing

In technological news I’m currently trying out a new browser called Camino, which is Camino doing it for the Mac posse. It promises to be fast and definitely lives up to that promise. It’s pretty stripped back compared to Firefox which helps. It does mean a ‘low-tech’ browser in terms of add-ons etc but I think that’s kind of good for me for a while. I tried it finally cause my laptop (Mad Maxine) is finally starting to suffer from being dropped a couple of times and having one really big drink one day and is running very badly. But since I can’t afford to replace it, I’m making do.

In geeky web news the cool kids over at Scoop have got this Scoopit thing going now which is like NZs answer to Reddit. All I have to say is finally, thank fuck and woohoo rad! So now you can see that little Scoopit thing at the bottom of this post (go on, click it, I know you want to…).

But the button thing isn’t going on cause I’m using Which of course gives me another reason to stop using and get my own schizzle going on. I’m hoping some kind person might hook me up with my own domain name and hosting for my birthday. That would be totally cool.

Then I can continue to be cool and blog on the start of a long weekend…



9 responses to “Scoopit representing

  1. Hehe, I remember the day your lappy had that big drink. You were not happy at all…I found it somewhat amusing 😉

  2. Yeah you laughed at me while I held my laptop in the air and watched the water drip out of it. Glad you’re my friend and not my enemy!

  3. NO… it’s scoop’s answer to DIGG!!!

  4. yip, which is like reddit eh?

  5. No, reddit is like digg. 😀

  6. OK you win. Hope you scooped this post 😉

  7. Yeah I think I did.

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