Uncle Kev Needs Our Rev

Uncle Kevin Buzzacott , elder of the Arabunna Lands of South Australia ,the Keepers of Lake Eyre and indigenous campaigner has been diagnosed with cancer. As part of his recovery process over 35 indigenous and non-indigenous artist’s have gathered together to put on a spectacular benefit.


I urge everyone to come and support this very worthy gig. Uncle Kev has to be one of the coolest people I have ever met. He was an absolute rock during Camp Sovereignty. When we were all running around being as stressed as headless chooks he would call out to us all to come sit down. We would then be treated to some wonderful humour and quickfire lessons in reality.

Uncle Kev also has to be one of the cheekiest people I’ve ever met. I remember one day during Camp Sov this young woman rocks up with a great big pack and sits down in our wee circle. Uncle Kev asks her where she’s come from to which she replied “The Kimberly’s” (read: a FUCK of a long way). Uncle Kev then goes in to this long story about how he’s come a long way too. He said he saw Camp Sov on the news and decided that he needed to be there so he stole a car and then drove until he ran out of gas and then stole another car and did the same thing. And he kept oin doing that until he got to Melbourne because this was such an important thing that was happening here.

Throughout this whole story the young woman (whose name I never get unfortunately) listened respectfully at this wonderful tale she was hearing.

Then about 10 minutes later Uncle Kev says “nah just kidding, I’ve been here a couple of weeks and I only came from Adeleide”.

He’s a cracker, can’t wait to be there!!



One response to “Uncle Kev Needs Our Rev

  1. typingisnotactivism

    has a link but not a spam coz spam sux donkeys whether it’s url or in a can.

    Kev’s gotta have some noonga healing going on, but also check out and pass on http://www.dontolmaninternational.com/portal/index.php
    to whoever his healing crew are. Tolman did work with Johns Hopkins leading cancer specialists using long fasting, teleological nutritional targeting, fresh water and a whole bunch of stuff. Insane results but not going to detail here because cancer is no disease to ever promise anybody anything about.

    Uncle Kev is probably on the move which makes regularity of diet etc. and associate healing difficult, but here’s the basic healing diet Tolman used with good outcomes.

    28 day health recovery – cancer, general
    Days 1 – 7, 22 – 28
    At least 8oz brazil nuts
    One large head broccoli raw
    One large head broccoli steamed
    Lemon juice, salt, cayenne on olive oil – at least half cup a day
    1 oz whole or fresh ground flax mixed with large bowl oatmeal – no milk but pure maple syrup allowed
    Snack on at least 2 lb red, green, and purple grapes throughout the day
    No drink except clean, living water

    Days 8 – 21
    At least 2 quarts CABALA (carrot apple beetroot apple lemon apple) juice a day – nothing else – no food, no water either
    CABALA juice – (organic ingredients preferable) Carrots, 3 apples (one red, one yellow, one green), whole lemon, 1/3 of a beetroot.

    The approach ditches Western cancer complication and aggressive chemical therapies that attack both diseased and healthy tissue. His theory works around the fact that from the cellular to arterial level, we’re a series of tubes. Cancer in this approach is the result of a tubular blockage somewhere along the way. Clearing the tubes promotes healing as a result.

    thoughts to Uncle.

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