End Racism

I finished my first ‘grown-up’ item of clothing and I’m so stoked how it turned out. Inspired by the Open Source Embroidery Project, I’ve done the HTML for ‘end racism’ onto a hoodie.

hoodie up


text detail

This is a close up of the text which I did with chain stitch, which is quite puffy and cool.

hood stitching detail

I also did blanket stitch around the hood to make it a bit more interesting.

It’s so cool to be wearing something I helped create! I’m extremely inspired now and I’m going to be stitching more clothes for grown ups (sorry Tara). I’ve been brainstorming heaps so look out for the new clothing label soon.

So how much would you be willing to pay for this?

P.S. Thanks Rosa for being a great model!


8 responses to “End Racism

  1. nice one you anarchist scumbag, you would get your head beaten in if I saw you wearing that pathetic peice of cloth.

    typical anarchist coward – needs a hood to hide his identity!

  2. hehe silly, I made a silk screen with that in art class when I was in High School back in 1998. Great stuff 🙂


  3. Open Source Embroidery, genius! Why didn’t I think of that?

  4. Very cool 🙂

  5. The python code for it would be something like

    self.kill() #Just like hitler

  6. coolness, can I put that on a tshirt?

  7. the aml script would go –

    &sv .assholes = “racism”
    &sv .nicepeople = “tolerance”
    &do %assholes% = 0 &to all &by 1
    select theworld.aat
    resel %assholes% gt 0
    calculate %assholes% = %nicepeople%
    kill %assholes% all

    really, there is a “kill all” command. for obvious reasons, it’s my fav.

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