I mean business

So I’ve decided to try my luck making a wee bit of cash with my cross stitch and embroidery. I really want a sewing machine so if I sell some stuff I can save up and buy myself one (independent woman and all that!).

So I’ve started a wee business called Radical Rags – Recycled clothes with a radical bent. Embroidery for Eco Warriors. Cross Stitch for the Conscious Crew.

You can visit the website here and the Mintd shop here.

There’s not much ‘product’ at this stage but I’ve got lots planned. I’m pretty busy finishing an exhibition piece at the moment and that must take up all my stitching time until it’s finished. Then I can start churning out some bits and pieces for sale. I’m planning on making big things and little things so there’ll be stuff for all budgets. And I’m happy to make stuff on request, within reason.

So next time you’re wondering what to get your favourite activist for their birthday, you know where to look!

Feedback welcome 🙂

Oh, and I made a gallery (finally), not sure on the slide show, let me know what you think.


4 responses to “I mean business

  1. i miss you you crazy cross-stitching personage.

  2. miss you too, you should come visit.

  3. Hey, I loved the slideshow and the hoodie, I’ll definitely be checking back to see what other good stuff you’ll put on there too. Might even order a hoodie, although I didn’t see any way of ordering one on the site…


    PS. How about making the same hoodie but with patriarchy instead of racism? I’d definitely buy one of those 🙂

  4. Hi Eugenie

    To order anything just go to the Mintd store http://www.mintd.com/stores/show/213-Radical-Rags If it’s made and available, it’s there.

    In regards to custom making things I’m more than happy to, I’m in the process of putting in a form on the Radical Rags site. In the meantime I’ll email you for more details…

    Thanks for the great feedback!

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