Punk Princess

I got given this ‘interesting’ dress as a present for Tara and decided it just needed a bit of altering…

Anarchist dress

And up close…

Anarchist dress stitching detail

And in action…

Anarchist dress in action

“Smash the Patriarchy!!!!”

Sorry not selling this one.


7 responses to “Punk Princess

  1. Yay you, this stuff is ace!

  2. She looks like she’s about to burn some yuppie scum just like her uncle cam taught her!

  3. Yip, she’s been practicing. We went to St Kilda today 😉

  4. And can you send her up to Canberra to burn some of the politicians too? =)

  5. aah I know – she must be a blakes 7 fan hehehe – just need to turn it 90 degrees.

  6. awwww…

    i’m lost for words

    i really am!

  7. Really sorry Sparx, don’t think it would fit. Will make you one someday 🙂

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