Cops on drugs

So I’ve been meaning to post this wee tale.

Yip, so on Saturday was hanging out behind the Safeway in Carlton opposite the Police Station and the Police were having some kind of community open day thingy.  It was all pretty typical, bouncy castles, sausage sizzles and kids posing on the police motor bike.

But then the strangest thing happened.  The piping band warmed up and took the stage.  They started up and I thought ‘crikey this tune is familiar’ and then I realised that they were playing the Bob the Builder tune.  I thought ‘eh? that’s a bit weird’ but then figured it was a family fun day so they were probably just trying to get ‘down with the kids’ so they wouldn’t think that cops were things to be afraid of (this perception always fades after the first protest…).

But then they mashed into the next tune and started to play an Eminem track!  I mean,WTF???  That’s just crazy!  They did this whole medley of ‘hip and cool’ music.  What the hell are they on?

I spent the whole time sharing bemuzed looks with all the passers by.  Glad to see all your hard earned tax payer dollars are supporting police promoting violence and drug use.

What a day to leave your video camera at home….


One response to “Cops on drugs

  1. weird story. i posted my version of events here.

    wait a second, i wasn’t even there!

    how come i get a “version of events”?


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