Racist LA cops go nuts on May Day


I want to send out my full solidarity to the families in LA who were brutaly set upon by the LAPD during the May Day demos in support of immigrant workers.

The Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at families and children who couldn’t get out of the way quick enough. One elderly woman was quickly pulled over a fence by a friendly local to help her avoid being trampled. One woman was beaten because she was trying to go back to retrieve her young, and very distressed young child.

Reuters reported it like this:

Later at the city’s MacArthur Park, Los Angeles police cut a rally short after about 80 people began throwing rocks and bottles at police, according to Sgt. R. Kanzaki. Police fired rubber cartridges to disperse the crowd of 3,000 and no arrests were made, he said.

When in reality those people were trying to defend the families, women, young children and the elderly who were trying to escape fully armoured police.

Land of the free my ass.


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