Fancy New Document Wallet

Now here’s a tutorial for you. Want to learn how to transform a classy wee NZ Post courier bag into a stylish document wallet?


Well not quite transform, more like copy and replace…

Firstly, cut the felt to match the same size as the two sides of the courier bag and then glue the edges together. Leaving the top pocket edge open, for obvious reasons.

Glue Edges

Second Step:

Cut out a shape you like from the same left over felt that you used from the small side and glue on to the long side (if that makes any sense…)

Add decoration

Third step:

Use some wool to blanket stitch around the edge. This is mostly decoration but will add strength to the edges as well.

Blanket Stitch around the Edge

Step Four: Admire

Yep, it’s a pretty easy thing to make, but useful and strong.


At some point, I’m going to find ‘the right’ button to add to it as well so it stays shut. But the stuff we’ve got in there fits pretty tight so it’s not really a worry.



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