Typing Not Activism has started a good list of news sources for those of us who appreciate a tad more intelligence/truth/analysis in their news. And he’s asked for contributions. This post started off as a comment but once it filled the text box and I was still on my first source I knew I needed to start a post 😉


I’d add indymedia.org
and it’s various regional versions. It’s not the most reliable of news sources but certainly good for getting perspectives on current events that are never going to make the mainstream news. Although sometimes indymedia journalists break stuff before the mainstream press. I know the mainstream press certainly keep an eye on it for tips, especially during major protest events. Camp Sovereignty and the G20 in Melbourne were good examples where the journalists covering those stories were checking Indymedia at least once a day. And I’d say most of my posts about international events come from Indymedia. Like my recent rant about Racist LA Cops.

OK next I’d have to say Scoop from NZ. Scoop is a press release news feeder. They don’t write articles, they just publish everyone’s press releases as received. They have moved into a bit of editorialness and do have a couple of roving reporters but mostly it’s just out of the horses mouth stuff. Scoop made their name during the US Voting Machine scandal, publishing stuff that no one else was. This earnt them a number of press freedom awards and a fuckload of visitors from the US.

Next I’d say GNN or the Guerilla News Network. This is an awesome source for international news and analysis and contains everything from short news pieces to feature length documentary films. And it has a big emphasis on user generated content. And it’s still reasonably hardcore, despite its popularity.

Finally I’d say World Changing. While this is more of a blog than a news service, it is full of up-to-date solutions which probably wouldn’t make it into the news anyway. Nice to visit when you think it’s aall going to shit and everyone’s crap. I always come away inspired and more educated.

OK I think that’s it, but you never know I may add to this…

Anyone else?


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