Hooray for Boobies

My new favourite website is The Nipple Project. Having found a completely new level of understanding of my own nipples recently, I do feel compelled to contribute something to this project. Might have to do a nipple cross stitch!

Submit a hand-made artistic interpretation of your nipple or of someone’s nipple you love. Send us a nipple(s) made out any material that can be woven, sewn or attached to other nipples. Our goal is to create a wonderfully large, community based art installation consisting of 3-dimensional craft media such as knitting, crocheting, beading, sewing, and felting. Other alternative materials such as gourds, leather, metal, wood and other fibers are welcomed and encouraged! The final piece will include all of the nipple submissions sewn, wired or stitched together to create a large hanging wall installation to be shown in late 2007, as soon as we are able to secure a gallery or exhibition location. We are still accepting submissions! We have a rolling deadline so that we can get as many nips as possible!


One response to “Hooray for Boobies

  1. yay for those boobies squirting milk abundantly, breast milk is truly a marvel of nature and can be used for all sorts of things like eye cream, nasal spray for blocked noses, moisturiser, antiseptic… not to mention food that tastes like warm runny icecream AND is healthy too. How would we get that stuff out if it wasn’t for the little and unestimated nipple.

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