Extreme Fun in Lithuania

I was among the Extreme Crafters invited to participate in the Extreme Craft Exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Art. So given that Emma Goldman was originally from Lithuania, I felt sufficiently motivated to stitch that pattern up (slightly altered cause I was seriously running out of time!). I decided to make a wall hanging since it was going on a wall. Also, I didn’t think I’d be able to figure out how to make anything else out of it 😉

So, presenting Red Emma!

Red Emma

To give you an idea about how much work went into this, here is a close up of one corner of her hat.


It took months.

But well worth it in the end to see the finished product.

So if you happen to be in Lithuania, stop in and have a look. Or I’m trying to get an exhibition together for later in the year in Melbourne so it may turn up there. Stay tuned.

Also consider this my contribution to the latest Carnival of Anarchy. Since cross stitch seems to be my latest religion. Oh, and this is art. And the word craft originally meant the power held by witches. Oh and I don’t know how to post it up there, Rosa?


3 responses to “Extreme Fun in Lithuania

  1. turns out i am technically incapable of inviting people to carnival of anarchy – i would suggest contacting eugene via the blogger profile on the righthand side of the site…

    i dig a practical spirituality, as i am learning, it’s always good to have a craft as well as “the craft.” a lot of spiritual traditions teach that it’s important to have an everyday, grounded way of making a living, since making money from “the craft” is both dodgy & dangerous.

    tell that to fiona horne…

  2. emma g. looks GREAT btw~

  3. Who’s Fiona Horne when she’s at home?

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