Corporate Spies

So I read that Solid Energy, NZBio and the arms manufacturing industry have been hiring students to pose as activists in Wellington and Christchurch.

In the SST they feature this piece about what Don Elder knew about the recent railway blockade:

Three days before the protest, seemingly out of the blue, Elder gained national media attention saying that delays caused by environmental work (such as removing native snails from mine sites) and protests had been costing the company millions of dollars. When the protest occurred, he stayed away from issues of coal use and climate change and responded that the group was less concerned with protecting the environment and more concerned with disrupting Solid Energy and costing it money.

The protesters “don’t give a second thought about tying up the time and resources of the emergency services as well as the courts”, he said. Christchurch police, fire service and railway staff chimed in with this line.

All this sounds understandable until we know that Solid Energy knew the time and place of the protest in advance and did nothing to stop it.

Um, if Don Elder knew about it, shouldn’t he be charged too? If it is true that he allegedly knew this was all about to happen, then he is an accessory to the crime because he didn’t immediately notify the police.

This behaviour coming from a senior staff member of a SOE, surely is grounds for immediate dismissal.

As for Thompson and Clark, I hope someone is laying a complaint to the police against them also for using private detectives without a license. In complete breach of the law.

As for the two who were employed to partake in this activity, I agree, they shouldn’t be targets here. Sure what they did was pretty feckin crap and for such measley pay! But the real criminals are the people that hired them.


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