Nerd break

Thanks to the ‘cool’ guys at Planet Nerd, check Steve Jobs’ entrance at the latest WWDC. OK I’m a sucker for these ads

And while we’re on the subject. I just had to spend two days trying to update Norton on Vista (failed, demanded a refund). And I have to say Vista Sucks So Much Ass!. Seriously, it is so fucking unhelpful I can’t understand how Microsoft has any customers left. And they actually put the product on the market! Insane!


5 responses to “Nerd break

  1. Yeah, I always knew Vista was going to suck, I haven’t bought it, but I knew it was just going to suck, even before I even heard about it, I had already made up my mind.

    But then, I am pretty biased with windows xp. It works good enough, why fix somethink that aint broke?

  2. Why use Microshit?

  3. They had the same sort of issues with xp until the first service pack and they will have the same issues with vista’s repacement until the fist service pack come out.

    I don’t use microsoft products much but recently I did a fresh win2k install on an old computer I forgot how invasive windows can be, because I don’t want things being downoaded and upgraded without me knowing I get a bloody popup nearly eveytime I use the computer.

    My OS of preference (Ubuntu) whenever there’s an update I get a highlighted icon which I can either ignore or do someting about at my leisure, not to mention the lack of malware, spyware, viruses, bloatware, etc

  4. Yay Ubuntu! If I wasn’t a Mac Cult Member I’d be running Ubuntu.

  5. yeah, if i went out a got a paint job for my ’86 telstar, it’d look nice but it’d still be an ’86 telstar running on a petrol platform. actually, the car metaphor is useful when discussing microsoft; if vista was a car, there’s no way they’d ever be allowed to sell it cos, well, i’m pretty sure cars actually have to have brakes before they can be sold. i could be wrong though…

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