Weirdest $10 ever spent

We went to the Coburg Trash and Treasure Market in the weekend. It was seriously worth the effort! Despie the freezing cold (first thing I bought was gloves and a woolly hat), we had a riot of a time buying pieces of useless and useful stuff.

But I reckon the best score was this crazy koala lamp. Never seen anything like it and I did a bit of a web search and couldn’t find anything remotely similar. We almost need to have a party just to show it off I reckon.

OK so turned off it looks pretty cool, though slightly odd…

Koala lamp off

But then turn it on and it’s like a possessed demon!

Koala lamp on



11 responses to “Weirdest $10 ever spent

  1. Wow, that is seriously fucking cool.

    Oh, by the way, yes, I am alive, and I’ll email you soon, I promise!

  2. typingisnotactivism

    OMFG – this is like a collision between disco, Australiana, and William Golding. WTF!? Score!

  3. awww sis looks like a poaka on acid LOL

  4. typingisnotactivism

    PS iz only place inane enough on yer front page to say ‘please check this out. I think it’s worth a grin.

  5. Wow can I marry her!

  6. typingisnotactivism

    *fwa ha*

  7. y’know, drop bears in the wild really do look like that.

    i saw ’em at this bush doof this one time.

  8. uhoh.


  9. I totally told my favourite bush doof friend that it looked like a drop bear! He looked at me sideways and said ‘hey, you weren’t at THAT party…’

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