Aotearoa ALWAYS represent!

This is probably about the closest I’ll get to being nationalistic…

I had tears of joy and pride rolling down my cheeks as I watched the Maori TV coverage of the demo in Tamaki Makaurau yesterday in solidarity with the Aboriginal Nations in opposition to John Howard’s Invasion of Aboriginal Land. Mad props to the two arrested!

Awesome action people, and great to see the Te Whanganui e Tara posse are organising and a little birdy told me there is whispers of organisation in Outatahi as well.

There was also a fantastic statement from Metiria calling on international solidarity. And so far these groups have come out in support:

Whakaminenga o Te Paatu
Te Ata Tino Toa
Conscious Collaborations-Global Indigenous network
Mana Wahine
Solidarity Union
Socialist Worker (Aotearoa)
Human Rights Project Aotearoa
Wellington Wildcat Anarchist Collective
Aocafe (Aotearoa Cafe)
Green Party Aotearoa/NZ
Radical Youth (Auckland)
IA ImagineNative Action
Us crew in Australia better get our shit together then eh đŸ˜‰

Always was, always will be, Aboriginal Land!



3 responses to “Aotearoa ALWAYS represent!

  1. arghh! whats happening in Otautahi/ch-ch and where?! It seems funny I have to ask someone in Melbourne this, but I haven’t seen or heard anything..and would v much like to be supportive of this …can u give me contact details or sumthing? thanks ever-so muchly!

  2. kia ora e hoa

    this is pure grass roots stuff, Autonomy & solidarity, be the point of contact in Otautahi.
    mail me

    kia kaha tatou


  3. Geez Louise yes! saw horror episode of Today Tonight where Ms. host-cantrememberhername was asking Maori leaders to apologise “to the Australian people” for calling Howard a racist – I propose an apology FROM the Australian people to the Indigenous population & to all the Kiwis getting active & supporting them while we’re too blind? demented? apathetic? to do so. Oh that’s right – we don’t do ‘sorry’ do we.

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