I reckon I need to have a wee break from posting for a wee bit cause I am SUPER BUSY right now. But I asure you this site is going to get a whole lot more exciting soon. Can you feel it?!? I feel it!!!

In the mean time check out Yahweh, what a god.


5 responses to “Hiatus

  1. hey thats my type of guy!lol kakariki don’t get me started on UFO stories, ya really don’t wanna know šŸ˜‰

  2. o!

    my computer MYSTERIOUSLY stopped the vid @ 1:10 – what happens next?

  3. hey jo
    i wanna know
    about those ufos

  4. Watch it again! It’s VERY exciting. Aliens, Rosa! Just like in Braybrook!

  5. not over the internet, sparx, homeland security ya know, they’ll be round at my place before I can dial 1:11. never to be seen again.
    (but then I don’t ask anymore)

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