Bracks Resigns!

Victorian State Premier, Steve Bracks has just given a press conference announcing his resignation. He is resigning for personal reasons.

He’s prattling on about how good a job he’s done at the moment, but I will update when he talks about actual reasons.

UPDATE: He said that he has been pondering the decision for a while but recent events have confirmed the decision.

I put my money on Brumby for the next Premier. Unfortunately. Bracks is backing him so the chances are pretty high.

The next Leader will be elected on Monday morning at 11am.

The Labor Party must be crapping about this. He’s their biggest asset at a state level. And their is no one who immediatly comes to mind as a replacement who has anywhere near the charisma and nous as Bracks does.


Apparently DP Thwaites is about to resign too!


OK I spent some time dwelling about this one on the bus. I think this is pretty awful news for those of us who care about the environment. At least with Thwaites there, there is someone with a bit of green understandings (even if he is a complete wanker on indigenous issues…). Brumby however, is a numbers man. And unless you’re a Georgist, numbers men and looking after the environment don’t often go together very well.

Dunno, what do others think?



2 responses to “Bracks Resigns!

  1. Screw the lot of them. My opposition to the ALP, in all its forms, is clear cut.

    The only good Vic State Govt is no government (failing that, a Green one wouldn’t be too bad 🙂

  2. Are we being paranoid or does Brumby have a bit of a ‘Jeff’ flavour to him? Don’t know that we can stomach another bulldozer disguised as premier…