I acknowledge that I live, work & play on the land of Aboriginal people.

Welcome to the second evolution of Bloggreen. The first site was set up as an anonymous vent space online when my work restricted what I could say in the public domain. I was primarily interested in commenting on the politics of Aotearoa with a Green bent as there was a gap in the blogosphere that I saw needed filling. Thus blog green!

Now I’m a free spirit, currently residing in Melbourne, Australia, playing with environmental and indigenous politics and all the other joys the universe is offering me.

I’m a world changing, planet loving, cross-stitchin evolutionary.

This site is for my thoughts on life, love, politics and art. I will share my words and share my film and best of all my cross stitch!

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  1. Thanks for the help!
    Not to be a bother but how do you reply to comments?

  2. I assume you mean replying to comments via email? In wordpress you can set an address that you get emails sent to with the details of comments left on your site. This will include the email address of the person (assuming they left a valid one), you can email them from that.

  3. You may be interested in this – and if so put up a link to our page – A small community shafted by the Christchurch City Council which places the rights of multinationals ( oil companies , car manufacturers etc etc ) over ratepaying locals.

  4. Kakariki, did you see last nights edition of Four Corners – it was on AMCOR and their dirty tactics through the 70s – 90s? I’ve blogged on it but thought you might too.

  5. Yeah did see it. Must say I was pretty disappointed with the way 4 Corners treated it. It would have been nice to see some kind of commentary about how this kind of behaviour sits within a supposed democracy.

  6. Good point. I was focusing on the fact that it was such a complete exposure of corporate espionage. I did think it was interesting though that they’d looked into the links with the branches of the Labor party.