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The End

Hi kids

For those of you who hadn’t found it by yourselves, I’ve got a new website.

Yip, I’ve grown up and got a dot com


So mosey on over to and settle on in.

Thanks to all the people who’ve continued to read my ramblings for all these years. I assure you the rambling will continue.

Mwah mwah!



I reckon I need to have a wee break from posting for a wee bit cause I am SUPER BUSY right now. But I asure you this site is going to get a whole lot more exciting soon. Can you feel it?!? I feel it!!!

In the mean time check out Yahweh, what a god.


Hit 30,000 visitors today!

You guys make me feel so special.



We hit 20,000 hits today since I moved the site over to WordPress.

How exciting!!!!!!!!!

I’d say more but I’m typing with one hand and jiggling a ten week old baby with the other (she says hi).

Love you all xox

Yay Wellington

Sounds like the Cuba Carnival was fun. Especially with quotes like this in the paper:

Dance troupe Real Hot Bitches believes it broke a world record for the largest number of people to participate in synchronised dancing, with 1852 jiving in Courtenay Place to Bon Jovi’s Shot Through the Heart. The Guinness world record is 876.


Weather warning

Just so y’all know, I’m like, due to have a baby this week. So if I vanish for, let’s say, 5 days or more you can probably safely assume the imminent explosion has arrived.

Maybe even Asher could tell you all. Since he’s supposed to make some kind of blog announcement if I die, maybe I could persuade him to make an announcement if I give birth?



Your Flickr account has been re-reviewed and marked as


apparently I was naughty without realising…