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Aotearoa ALWAYS represent!

This is probably about the closest I’ll get to being nationalistic…

I had tears of joy and pride rolling down my cheeks as I watched the Maori TV coverage of the demo in Tamaki Makaurau yesterday in solidarity with the Aboriginal Nations in opposition to John Howard’s Invasion of Aboriginal Land. Mad props to the two arrested!

Awesome action people, and great to see the Te Whanganui e Tara posse are organising and a little birdy told me there is whispers of organisation in Outatahi as well.

There was also a fantastic statement from Metiria calling on international solidarity. And so far these groups have come out in support:

Whakaminenga o Te Paatu
Te Ata Tino Toa
Conscious Collaborations-Global Indigenous network
Mana Wahine
Solidarity Union
Socialist Worker (Aotearoa)
Human Rights Project Aotearoa
Wellington Wildcat Anarchist Collective
Aocafe (Aotearoa Cafe)
Green Party Aotearoa/NZ
Radical Youth (Auckland)
IA ImagineNative Action
Us crew in Australia better get our shit together then eh 😉

Always was, always will be, Aboriginal Land!



But he’s Chinese!

How can Winston meet the Dalai Lama?!? Isn’t he supposed to be Chinese? Isn’t that like treason or something?

Off with his head!

When former MPs go bad

If I was a former Member of Parliament making a wannabe independent political forum. I SO wouldn’t want Sid Wilson from the National Front joining in big time. Oh that is unless I really was a racist, anti-semitic neo-con…


What Peace? Where?


There is no Peace….

Destroy the power of Rothschild & Co., along with Helen’s international socialism, replace it with patriotic and proper democratic nationalism, and hey presto, suddenly we start living the lives we were meant to live; lives of freedom, family, community, equal opportunity, abundance, beauty, enlightenment, creativity, independence, happiness and self-validating quality of life sustaining productivity.

Hail our coming glorious revolutionary victory over the great international evil brother.

Yeah… sounds GREAT….

Corporate Spies

So I read that Solid Energy, NZBio and the arms manufacturing industry have been hiring students to pose as activists in Wellington and Christchurch.

In the SST they feature this piece about what Don Elder knew about the recent railway blockade:

Three days before the protest, seemingly out of the blue, Elder gained national media attention saying that delays caused by environmental work (such as removing native snails from mine sites) and protests had been costing the company millions of dollars. When the protest occurred, he stayed away from issues of coal use and climate change and responded that the group was less concerned with protecting the environment and more concerned with disrupting Solid Energy and costing it money.

The protesters “don’t give a second thought about tying up the time and resources of the emergency services as well as the courts”, he said. Christchurch police, fire service and railway staff chimed in with this line.

All this sounds understandable until we know that Solid Energy knew the time and place of the protest in advance and did nothing to stop it.

Um, if Don Elder knew about it, shouldn’t he be charged too? If it is true that he allegedly knew this was all about to happen, then he is an accessory to the crime because he didn’t immediately notify the police.

This behaviour coming from a senior staff member of a SOE, surely is grounds for immediate dismissal.

As for Thompson and Clark, I hope someone is laying a complaint to the police against them also for using private detectives without a license. In complete breach of the law.

As for the two who were employed to partake in this activity, I agree, they shouldn’t be targets here. Sure what they did was pretty feckin crap and for such measley pay! But the real criminals are the people that hired them.

Revenge of the Pukeko

Yip mad props to the clever pants that made this.


You’ll give me how many blankets?

No doubt you would have heard of the furore over Mike Smith posting up the chainsaw he used to attack the One Tree Hill Tree with, on behalf of the owner. Bomber has a good rant over at Tumeke about the racist hypocrisy of Trade Me as a background.

So Trade Me have pulled the item after conducting a poll on their website to see if it was offensive enough. So even though there was absolutely nothing criminal about the sale, the profits weren’t going to the person who committed the crime which gave the chainsaw its notoriety and there is precedent for Trade Me allowing auctions of a similar political nature, they canned this one.

They claimed that since the community was divided they would put it to a poll. But of course given the racist furor that was drummed up on talk back and opinion pages by this stage of course the vote was going to go the way it did.

Although go to their website to see how the discussion happened and the best you’ll find is this:
i see the thread about the chainsaw has
misteriously vanished …seems to be a bit of that lattley

I recommend that anyone else who finds this whole saga rather sickening do what one Indymedia kid did and send Trade Me the following letter:

Kia ora,
I am unimpressed with the apparent hypocrisy of trademe, withdrawing the auction of the One Tree Hill chainsaw, but allowing the auction of Ross Muerant’s “Minto Bar”, which was used violently against people. I no longer wish to use your service.
Could you please explain how I can close me trademe account and have my unused ‘traders dollars’ returned to me?

I hope they put it on ebay.

Smart people in Nu Zuld

Anyone else check out the gorgeous sky porn last night? My beloved and I were driving out of the supermarket carpark and we were like “holy shit! that is so wow!”.

Some clever people thought it was a plane crashing. Sigh.

Last night for viewing the McNaught Comet tonight so hope for clear skies.

And it looks like our future generations might get even smarter since Labour doesn’t seem to understand the concept of free education as a basic human right! And can someone explain to me why Kohanga Reo aren’t part of the scheme to begin with?