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I reckon I need to have a wee break from posting for a wee bit cause I am SUPER BUSY right now. But I asure you this site is going to get a whole lot more exciting soon. Can you feel it?!? I feel it!!!

In the mean time check out Yahweh, what a god.


Oi! Howard!

I miss Wellington

Restoring my faith in Americans – Almost… (who am I kidding?)

Watch this anyway.  I ❤ Mika!

Props Typing Is Not Activism


Props Ana

Nerd break

Thanks to the ‘cool’ guys at Planet Nerd, check Steve Jobs’ entrance at the latest WWDC. OK I’m a sucker for these ads

And while we’re on the subject. I just had to spend two days trying to update Norton on Vista (failed, demanded a refund). And I have to say Vista Sucks So Much Ass!. Seriously, it is so fucking unhelpful I can’t understand how Microsoft has any customers left. And they actually put the product on the market! Insane!

Economics for Dummies