Kakariki Films

Making films to stick it to the man, coz the man needs it being stuck to!

Welcome to the home of my vidblogs. This stuff all used to live on another site, but I kept getting confused. So hopefully this works better! This page is basically an index of archived footage, most of which lives at http://www.archive.org and most of which is in QuickTime format.

All footage is covered by the Attribution Non-Commercial Creative Commons license unless otherwise stated.

Feedback always welcome!

Black GST Films

  • Robbie Thorpe Interview Self-explanatory really. Robbie on the Black GST campaign, filmed at the Melbourne Social Forum in November last year.

Protest/activism footage

  • Managed to unearth an old one which includes footage that was shown on TVNZ that night. This footage is from an anti-Bypass protest in Wellington near the end of 2004 and shows a cameraman from TV3 getting arrested and what I would call, assualted, by the Police. This was an intense day! This was from before I had any kind of editing gear, so someone else edited it for me.
  • Melbourne Industrial Relations Law Reform Protest here is my short film I made about the November 16 2005 IR Rally in Melbourne.I decided that I wasn’t interested in talking about the purpose of the demo, as that has been well and truly covered by others.Instead, I decided to play with portraying the size of the thing. The biggest demo I had previously been on was about 8-9 thousand people. So to be amongst approximately 200 thousand people on one protest was an amazing experience!

    The music in the background is ‘Free’ by the Strike Boys. I haven’t asked them if I could use it ’cause I’ve got no idea how so big ups to them for not knowingly allowing me to use it. If you haven’t listened to their stuff before, I recommend you check them out. There was one of their tracks on the third Green Room album which is how I originally found them.

  • Make Poverty History Welcome To Country – Hobart In December 2005 I had the pleasure of attending a Make Poverty History concert on the lawn of Parliament in Hobart, Tasmania.I filmed bits of it and you can see the welcome to country in this piece of footage.Welcome to Country is an important protocol to be followed as it is an acknowledgment of the traditional owners of the land and it is usually an endorsement of the purpose of an event by the local people.

    The woman featured in this video is Trudy Mallooga (apologies if I have spelt this wrong) from the Tasmanian Aboriginal Council. She gives an excellent analysis of the effects of poverty on Aboriginal people and the hypocrisy of government when it comes to dealing with these issues.

    UPDATE I met Trudy in Canberra in January and told her this was online, but then never gave her the link, so if you know her please tell her where this is, cheers!

Personal/Experimental Footage

  • Hobart – Greek Style While in Hobart and surrounding areas, I had my camera on a lot. Here’s a wee mash I made of some of the sights. Mad props to the lovely busker who provided the sounds.
  • Leaving This was my first vlog post. Apologies for the sentimental nature of it, but you’ll survive. It’s a musical montage of the last minutes in NZ and arriving in Sydney including some of ‘the sights’. It was amusing filming as I probably looked like a terrorist on a recon mission. In fact I did notice security hanging around the bottom of the Harbour Bridge – God that must be boring!

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